Faculty Opportunities

Clark Professorship

One or more distinguished scholars are appointed each year to the Clark Professorship. The Clark Professor, in collaboration with the Director, organizes academic programs consisting of public lectures, seminars, and workshops, and develops publications from them.


Publications play an essential role in the strong research mission of the Center. Its conferences and workshops present the latest research in the early modern period (from the late sixteenth century to the early nineteenth century) or in some of the special areas represented in the Clark Library’s collections, such as British literature and history, Oscar Wilde, and fine printing. The Center makes known the results of these Center/Clark conferences to the larger scholarly public in two ways: the UCLA Center/Clark Series, published by the University of Toronto since 2003, and individual volumes of its proceedings.

The UCLA Center/Clark Series

This series of volumes, published by the University of Toronto Press in association with the UCLA Center for Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Studies and the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, is dedicated to collections of papers derived from major academic conferences sponsored by the Center and the Clark. The first volume in this series appeared in 2003.

Individual Volumes

Conference proceedings not chosen for the Series are issued in individual volumes by a number of other academic presses. Publishing the papers of Center/Clark conference proceedings began in 1993, at the conclusion of the Clark Library Seminar Papers series.

In addition to the Center’s own publication program, visiting scholars, specialists, and many recipients of the Center’s resident fellowship awards produce printed works based on their research in the Clark Library’s rich and continually expanding collections.