Stephen A. Kanter Lecture on California Fine Printing

The Stephen A. Kanter Lecture on California Fine Printing is dedicated to an exploration of the history and practice of the printing arts, especially as practiced in California. The Clark Library’s extensive collection of fine printing begins with a complete collection of the Kelmscott Press and the Doves Press, and the most comprehensive holdings for Eric Gill. The collection now focuses upon American fine presses in the Arts and Crafts tradition, including selected contemporary book artists. The Library owns a full collection of John Henry Nash’s work, as well as that of the Book Club of California. The biannual Kanter lectures, established through the generous support of Stephen A. Kanter, M.D., began in 1998 and have featured various printers and scholars including Patrick Reagh, Graham Mackintosh, Michelle Burgess and Billy Kelly, Sandra and Harry Reese, Kitty Maryatt, Gerald Lang, Susan King, Erik Voss and Peter Koch.

“Our Histories and Futures: Making New Print and Book Arts Work with/in Libraries”
—Tia Blassingame, Book/Print Artist/Scholar of Color Collective, Scripps College

“Not a Hoover”
—Richard Wagener, Mixolydian Editions

“On Books, Soap Opera and River Rafting”
—Carolee Campbell, Ninja Press

“Bone Folder, Brayer, and Loupe: A Panel Discussion on the Present and Future of Book Arts Education”
—Gloria Kondrup, Art Center College of Design; Kitty Maryatt, Scripps College; and Kathleen Walkup, Mills College

“The Work of Peter and Donna Thomas, Wandering Book Artists: Making Physical Books in the Digital Age”
—Peter and Donna Thomas, book artists

“Running the Asylum: Artists’ and Poets’ Roles in the Production of Books in California, 1877 to Now”
—Alastair Johnston, printer and co-founder, Poltroon Press

“Topofilia: Woodcut Prints of the Western Landscape”
—Tom Killion, printer and founder, Quail Press

“In Conversation with Graham Mackintosh”
—Graham Mackintosh, printer, White Rabbit Press and Black Sparrow Press

“Brighton Press: Collaborations In/Form”
—Michele Burgess, co-director, and Bill Kelly, founder and co-director, Brighton Press

“Every Force Evolves a Form: Prints, Books & Collaboration”
—Sandra and Harry Reese, founder Turkey Press

—Gerald Lange, founder, Bieler Press

“Woman of Letters”
—Kitty Maryatt, Scripps College Press

“Richard J. Hoffman: Typographer, Printer, Teacher”
—Ethan Lipton, California State University, Los Angeles

“Pagans, Poets, and Brides-to-Be: Twenty Years of Job Printing in Orange County”
—William Erik Voss, founder, Lyceum Press and printer, Bella Fortuni

“Reprise: Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too; A Message from the Women’s Graphic Center”
—Susan E. King, founder, Paradise Press

“Typography and Fine Printing in the Age of the Personal Computer”
—Peter Koch, University of California, Berkeley

“A Fond Recollection of Saul and Lillian Marks” (Plantin Press)

“Printing in the Shadow of the Big Three: Recollections of Patrick Reagh”