2019 Clark Library Prize

Published: June 7, 2019

On Monday, May 20, 2019, in the UCLA Powell Library East Rotunda, the 2019 Library Prizes for Undergraduate Research were awarded. This year a unique combined prize was presented to a group of undergraduates who were part of Muriel C. McClendon’s History 191C class. The class culminated in the creation of the “Bringing Early Modern England to Life” website: sites.google.com/g.ucla.edu/191c-2018-england/timeline

The class project was a collaboration between UCLA Library and the Clark. The students visited libraries three times over the Fall 2018 quarter: first to the Charles E. Young Research Library for a research primer with Marísa Mendez-Brady (formerly of UCLA Library), then to UCLA Library Special Collections for an intro to rare books with Courtney Jacobs, and finally to the Clark for more intensive hands-on work with books of the students’ choosing.

The prize combined awards for “Best Project using Special Collections Resources” ($500) and “Incorporating Resources from William Andrews Clark Memorial Library” ($350). The students who received the joint award were, Victoria Tonascia ‘19, Ben Marullo ‘19, Chistopher Young, Chloe Day Zilliac ‘19, Delanie Moreland ‘20, Emma Torres ‘19, Ina Na ‘19, Justin Van Ligten ‘20, Kenneth Nicholson ‘19, Leilani Rosenthal ‘19, Ryan Kerkow ‘19, Sheldon To ‘19, Suzette Martinez ‘19, Victoria Robles ‘19, and Yari Nieves-Rivera ‘19.

Further details on the Undergraduate Research awards can be found here: www.library.ucla.edu/news/2019-library-prize-undergraduate-research-recipients