Center Announces 2023–24 Fellowships

Published: May 23, 2023 Decorative image of the Clark Library

We are very happy to announce fellowships to support research at the Clark Library during the 2023–24 academic year. The Center offers fellowships each year to graduate and post-doctoral researchers as well as support for senior researchers and independent scholars. Applications for fellowships are taken in the late fall and winter each year.

2023–2024 Fellowships

ASECS Fellowship

Jean Marie Christensen, Southern Methodist University
Bodies of the Crown: Kinship, Health, and the Construction of the Royal Body in Early Modern English Portraiture

Clark Short-Term Fellowship

Gabriela Villanueva Noriega, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Wit and Spanish Books in Seventeenth-Century England

Nailya Shamgunova, London School of Economics
Queer Encounters in Early Modern England

Clark Dissertation Fellowship

Oriah Amit, UCLA
Precautionary Tales: Fictions of Crisis in Great Britain, 1867–1918 

Nicholas Xavier Muench, UCLA
Ambiguous Translations: Comparison beyond Borders in Early Modern Europe 

Sophie Rickless, UCLA
Oscar Wilde’s “Philosophy Notebook” and his Aphoristic Scholarly Engagement

Kanner Fellowship

Nathaniel Philip Likert, Grinnell College
Botany of the Mind: Character and Experience in Early Modern England

Lisa Ann Robertson, University of South Dakota
Religious Dissent and the Proliferation of British Romantic Science

Karmiole Fellowship

Sylvia Tongyan Qiu, UCLA
A Pearl Inlaid Celestial Globe and the Worldly Space and Time of the Qing Court

John Thomas Sullivan, Northwestern University
Fractious Knowledge: Earthquakes and Engineering in Italy and the Spanish Atlantic, 1717–1799

Wilde-Holland Fellowship

Sarah Rose Wride, University of York
Oscar Wilde, True Murder, and the Cult of Black Beauty

Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

Isabel Rose Bielat, University of Virginia
Romantic Nationalism and Transnational Celebrity in Nineteenth-Century British Political Culture

Evelyn Ann Boyden, Harvard University
Jacobean Political Thought and the Divine-Right Tradition in England

Carole Nataf, Courtauld Institute of Art
A Porcelain Encyclopedia (1779–1796): Migrations from Cayenne and the Ile de Bourbon to the ‘enlightened’ dinner table in the Sèvres ‘Service aux oiseaux Buffon’

Clark Bibliographical Fellowship

Elad Carmel, Library of Congress
Mary Hays and the Origins of Feminist Freethought