Center Announces 2022–23 Fellowships

Published: May 20, 2022

As we emerge from the pandemic lockdown we are very happy to announce a full raft of fellowships to support research at the Clark Library during the 2022–23 academic year. The Center offers fellowships each year to graduate and post-doctoral researchers as well as support for senior researchers and independent scholars. Applications for fellowships are taken in the late fall and winter each year.

2022–2023 Fellowships

Ahmanson-Getty Fellowship
Jonah Rowen, The New School
“Forests, Forced Labor, Fittings, Finish: Mahogany and Architecture across the Black Atlantic”

David B. Sadighian, Harvard University
“Sites beyond Vision: Picturing Fugitive Settlements in the Era of Brazilian Slavery”

ASECS Fellowship
Ryan Healey, New York University
“Noisy Artefacts: A Literary History of Abstraction, 1689–2020”

Carly Yingst, Harvard University
“Unsettling Time in the British Novel, 1720–1830”

Clark Short-Term Fellowship
Lewis Eliot, University of Oklahoma
“Neither Men nor Brothers: Enslaved Rebellion, Abolitionism, and Imperialism in Britain’s Atlantic World”

Earle Havens, Johns Hopkins University
“Ephemera, Marginalia, & Memory: Recollecting Narcissus Luttrell’s Library, 1678–1730”

Roger Maioli, University of Florida
“The Enlightenment Crisis of Values”

Shirley Tung, Kansas State University
“Muses for the Miscellany: Robert Dodsley and the Popularization of Coterie Poetry”

Lucy Whitehead, Edge Hill University
“Gone West: Victorian Novelists’ Manuscripts and the American Archive, 1890–1963”

Clark Dissertation Fellowship
Bethany Johnsen, UCLA
“Collateral Subjects: Character and Plot in the Novel”

Rachel Weiss, UCLA
“Picturing Earth’s History in Early Modern Views of the Alps”

Jesslyn Whittell, UCLA
“Didacticism, Information and Academic Methods in Romantic Poetry 1750–1830”

Kanner Fellowship
Unita Ahdifard, UC Santa Barbara
“’The Wings of Inclination’: The Anglo-Persianate Realm in Women’s Travel Narratives and the Travelling Imaginary, 1750-1850″

Anhiti Patnaik, Birla Institute of Technology & Science
“Trials of Wilde and Manto: Witnessing Crime, Empire, and Censorship”

Karmiole Fellowship
Gwendolyn Lockman, University of Texas at Austin
“Recreation and Reclamation: Parks, Mining, and Community in Butte, Montana, 1876–2022”

Joseph Nicolello, Temple University
“Disability Scholarships in Light of English Sources to 1666: Milton’s Sightlessness and the Depiction of Space in Paradise Lost

Wilde-Holland Fellowship
Victoria Wiet, DePauw University
“London Theatreland after the Wilde Trials”

Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Todd DeRose, The Ohio State University
“Testimony, Induction, and the Language of Nature”

Leland Jasperse, University of Chicago
“Insignificant Others: Fin-de-Siècle Celibate Politics and the Short Story Form”

Hannah Kaemmer, Harvard University
“Expertise and Empire: Fortification Building and the English Board of Ordnance, 1660–1714”

Clark Bibliographical Fellowship
Samuel Fullerton, Vanderbilt University
“The Transformation of Libelous Politics in Seventeenth-Century England”