Did you miss Philomela at the Fin de Siècle?

Published: May 26, 2021

Did you miss our recent “Philomela at the Fin de Siècle” lecture given by 2020–21 Karmiole fellow, Tara Thomas?
This fascinating lecture, illustrated with beautiful Wildeana from the Clark collection, is now available on our YouTube channel.  Thomas’ talk examines Oscar Wilde and Michael Field’s engagement with the Philomela myth from Greco-Roman mythology. Wilde engages with the myth in “The Burden of Itys” (1881) and his short stories, most notably The Nightingale and the Rose (1888). Michael Field (Katharine Bradley and Edith Cooper) expands the myth in “Procne,” “Philomela,” and “Tereus” (1901), an unpublished dramatic trialogue that pays tribute to Wilde’s earlier adaptations.

Read more about the lecture here: https://www.1718.ucla.edu/events/philomela/