New Working Group on Iberian American Performances, 1770s–1820s

Published: January 14, 2016 Mural_panoramico

The Center for 17th- & 18th-Century Studies is pleased to announce a new working group—Iberian American Performances, 1770s–1820s: Enlightened Reform and Its Aftermath, with Particular Reference to Music & Theater. This interdisciplinary group of faculty and students is dedicated to exploring a crucial but under-theorized period of Iberian and American history—roughly 1770–1830, the “Age of Revolution”—from the standpoint of performance studies. This period was marked by dislocations, emerging ideas of nationhood, and new disciplinary technologies that for many signalled the arrival of modernity. The group will examine the intersections of performance (theater, music, dance, embodied ritual) and epistemology, with a view to finding new narratives about the construction of history, the individual, the community, and its ceremonies. Currently meetings are weekly—Wednesday nights at 6:00 p.m. in the Musicology Seminar Room—but may change to biweekly toward the end of the Winter quarter. Organizers are Elisabeth Le Guin, Professor, Department of Musicology, UCLA ( and Alejandro García Sudo, graduate student, Department of Musicology, UCLA ( Please contact them for more information.