ASECS-Clark Fellows

Jean Marie Christensen, Southern Methodist University
Bodies of the Crown: Kinship, Health, and the Construction of the Royal Body in Early Modern English Portraiture

Ryan Healey, New York University
Noisy Artefacts: A Literary History of Abstraction, 1689–2020

Carly Yingst, Harvard University
Unsettling Time in the British Novel, 1720–1830

Katherine G Charles, Washington College, Maryland
“Inside Stories: Interpolated Tales and the Eighteenth-Century Novel”

Michael H Feinberg, University of Wisconsin: Madsion
“Caribbean Landscapes, Colonial Landscaping, and De/coloniality in British Print Culture surrounding the Haitian Revolution”

Constantine Vassiliou, University of Missouri
“Back to the Future of Financial Crises: Public Institutions and Citizen Trust in the Context of the South Sea Bubble in England”

Shawn Cailey Hall, University of California, Los Angeles
“Visceral Romanticism:The Literature and Culture of Digestion, 17801830″

Ryan Sheldon, The State University of New York at Buffalo
“Quantitative Enlightenment: Theory, Practice, and the Rhetoric of the Arithmetic Example”

Andrew Wells, University of Griefswald
“Freedom’s Parish: Liberty in the Urban British Atlantic, 16601760″

Isabelle Masse, McGill University
“Itinerant Portraitists in North America: Mobility, Practice, Transmission, 1776–1812”

Emily Soule, California State University, Long Beach
“The Atlantic Slave Trade and the Rise and Fall of the Spanish Empire”

Kelly Swartz, Adelphi University
“Clarissa’s Devastating Truths”

Ryan J. Butler, Baylor University
“Clapham’s ‘Vital Religion:’ Stewardship and Synergy in an Age of Empire, 1772–1846”

Karen Eline Hollewand, University of Oxford
“Hadriaan Beverland and the Science of Sex (1650–1800)”

Michael Pierce Williams, Carnegie Mellon University
“Impolite Science: Print and Performance in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic”

Annette M. Hulbert, University of California, Davis
“Writing in the Storm: Britain’s Literary Weather, 1667–1790”

Katherin T. Paul, Northumbria University
“Precarious Lives: Risk, Failure and the Lower Middling Sort in Eighteenth Century Britain”

Sören C. Hammerschmidt, Arizona State University
“Modular Pope: Letters, Portraits, and Recycled Print”

Andrei Pesic, Princeton University
“Religious Artworks in Motion: Motets in the Concert Hall, Altarpieces in the Salons from Paris to Saint-Domingue”

Nicholas P. Valvo, Bates College
“Beauties and Deformities: Sentimental Anthologies and Disintegrative Form”

Rachael King, New York University
“The Known World: The Epistolary History of Eighteenth-Century Media”

George Leigh-Michil, University of California, Los Angeles
“Comical Consciousness: Caricature and the Novel, 1726–1837”

Claude Willan, Stanford University
“‘I love with all my heart’: Jacobite Manuscript Poetry, 1689–1745”

Andrew Bricker, Stanford University
“Libel and Satire after Hale and Dryden”

Glenda Goodman, Harvard University
“American Identities in the Musical Atlantic World”

India Mandelkern, University of California, Berkeley
“Homo Gastronomicus: Taste, Dining, and the Making of Civil Society in Eighteenth-Century England”

David Anixter, University of California, Berkeley
“The Politics of Conversion and the Science of Conversion, c. 1680–1830”

Eric Weichel, Queen’s University
“After the Chinese Manner: Sinophilia and Polyculturalism in Atlantic Visual and Material Culture, 1690–1775”

Laurie Wood, University of Texas at Austin
“Risks & Realities: Law and Practice in the Early Modern Caribbean”

Bill Blake, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“The Bravery of Soul: Playwrights in Restoration England, 1659–1688”

Danielle Bobker, Concordia University
“Richard Bradley (1688(?)–1732); English Botany in Transition”

Matthew Growhoski, Princeton University
“‘A Fable like Historie’”: John Barclay and the Politics of Literature in Early Stuart Britain, 1603–1642”

Simon Reader, University of Toronto
“Useless Organs in Victorian Literature and Cultures”

Kenneth Sheppard, Johns Hopkins University
“The Hinge of Faith and Religion: Arguments about Atheism in Early Modern England”

Gail Aw, University of Virginia
“Empire and Empiricism: Enlarging Mental Space in the Long Eighteenth Century”

Jennifer Locke, University of California, Irvine
“Novel Possibilities: Constructing Women’s Futures through Fiction, 1679–1799”

Kathryn Webber, University of California, Riverside
“Cultivating the Civilized Subject: British Agricultural Improvement in Ireland, c. 1600–1840”

Mary Crone-Romanovski, Ohio State University
“Tracing Spaces: A Literary History of Space in Eighteenth-Century British Fiction and Culture”

Michael Genovese, University of Virginia
“Sympathy, Economics, and the Relational Self in the Eighteenth Century”

Sophie Vasset, Université de Paris 7
“Eighteenth-Century Cultural Representations of Infertility”

Joanna Frang, Brandeis University
“Becoming American on the Grand Tour, 1700–1830”

Nicolle Jordan, University of Southern Mississippi
“Partisanship, Labor, Gender: Agrarian Improvement in England, 1680–1780”

Laura Miller, University of California, Santa Barbara
“Narrating Newton, Narrating Truth: Fame, Print, and Scientific Authorship”

Nicholas Nace, University of California, Berkeley
“Rise of the Secular Baroque in English Literature, 1650–1750”

Cheryl Nixon, University of Massachusetts, Boston
“Circulating Legal Plots: Equitable, Ecclesiastical, and Criminal Cases in 18th-Century Print and Manuscript”

Thomas Nelson McGeary, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
“Music, Sound, and Sensibility: The Impact of the New Human Sciences on Music in the 18th Century”

Rivka Swenson, University of Virginia
“Competing Fictions and Rebellious Forms: Politics, Aesthetics, and the Idea of Progress in Eighteenth-Century British Prose”

Adam Tompkins, University of Glasgow
“Algernon Sidney and Republican Constitutionalism”