Clark Short-Term Fellows

Gabriela Villanueva Noriega, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Wit and Spanish Books in Seventeenth-Century England

Nailya Shamgunova, London School of Economics
Queer Encounters in Early Modern England

Lewis Eliot, University of Oklahoma
“Neither Men nor Brothers: Enslaved Rebellion, Abolitionism, and Imperialism in Britain’s Atlantic World”

Earle Havens, Johns Hopkins University
“Ephemera, Marginalia, & Memory: Recollecting Narcissus Luttrell’s Library, 1678–1730”

Roger Maioli, University of Florida
“The Enlightenment Crisis of Values”

Shirley Tung, Kansas State University
“Muses for the Miscellany: Robert Dodsley and the Popularization of Coterie Poetry”

Lucy Whitehead, Edge Hill University
“Gone West: Victorian Novelists’ Manuscripts and the American Archive, 1890–1963”

Jessica P Clark, Brock University
“Scents of Change: Experiencing Modernity in Britain, 1880–1930”

David Richard Harrison, Grinnell College
“Plotting Worldly Pleasure: Enjouement and the Seventeenth-Century French Novel”

Melissa Ann Johnson, University of Michigan
“Open Secrets: Women, Gossip, and Watchfulness in Seventeenth-Century Massachusetts”

Sheiba Kian Kaufman, University of California, Irvine
“‘Pray for the Cyrus Might’: Cyrus the Great, Jane Lead, and Spiritual Cosmopolitanism”

Isabelle Masse, McGill University
“Itinerant Portraitists in North America: Mobility, Practice, Transmission, 1776–1812”

Tina O’Toole, University of Limerick, Ireland
“George Egerton’s Writing Life: Selected Correspondence”

Hannah Sze-Munn Yip, University of Birmingham
“The Clergy and Artistic Recreation in Early Modern Britain”

Danny Zborover, Mexico Pacific Rim Program
“A World of Strangers: A Historical Archaeology of the Mexican Pacific Coast”

Liza Blake, University of Toronto
“Choose Your Own Poems and Fancies: An Interactive Digital Edition and Study of Margaret Cavendish’s Atom Poems”

Ting Chang, University of Nottingham
“Playing Empire: Games, Spectacles and Colonial Subjects”

Catherine Delyfer, University of Toulouse, France
“The Illustrator as Critic: Mediating Oscar Wilde’s Fairy Tales, 1880s–2010s”

Catherine Grace Fleming, University of Toronto
“Daniel Defoe, Colonisation, and Forcible Indenture”

Rebecca Aili Ploof, Harvard University
“Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Metaphor and the Transformation ‘From Stupid and Bounded Animal’ to ‘Intelligent Being and Man'”

Rose Virginia Roberto, University of California, Los Angeles
“Illustrating Animals in the 19th Century”

Betty A. Schellenberg, Simon Fraser University
“Reader Creations: Eighteenth-Century Manuscript Verse Miscellanies”

Stuart Sherman, Fordham University
“News, Plays, Days: Transactions of Performance and Report, London 1620–1779”

Rachel E. Short, Shenandoah University
“What’s ‘Wild’ About Wildeiana Music?”

Taylor Fontaine Walle, Washington and Lee University
“Prattling Parrots and Lisping Ladies: Conduct Literature and Women’s Speech”

Joshua Branciforte, University of California, Davis
“The Government of the Senses” Aesthetic Subjectivity and the Rule of Taste in Britain, 1660–1760”

Mary Favret, John Hopkins University
“The Radiant Page”

Marissa Nicosia, Pennsylvania State University, Abington College
“’A History, Couch’d in a Play:’ Historical Futures in Seventeenth-Century Drama”

Sarah Parker, Loughborough University
“Afterimages: Fin-de-Siècle Women Poets, Public Image and Critical Legacies”

Jonathan Shelley, University of California, Berkeley
“Rare Friendship”

Steven Zwicker, Washington University, St. Louis
“Reading Dryden in the Past / Editing Dryden in the Present”

Nedda Mehdizadeh, University of California, Los Angeles
“Translating Persia: Safavid Iran and Early Modern English Writing”

Elaine Hobby, Loughborough University
“William Andrews Clark Memorial Library resources in the Cambridge Edition of the Works of Aphra Behn”

Nicholas Peter Freeman, Loughborough University
“Oscar Wilde and Modern Comedy”

Mai-Lin Li Cheng, University of Oregon
“Autotopography: Place and Commonplace in Romanticism and After”

Daniel Blake Rosenberg, University of Oregon
“From From To To: A Map of Language”

Kerri L. Andrews, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
“The Letters of Hannah Ore: A Digital Edition”

Rodrigo Brandão, Federal University of Parana
“Voltaire and Skepticism”

Eoin L. Devlin, Downing College, University of Cambridge
“Dryden, the Baroque, and the Decline of Confessional Cultures in the Long Eighteenth Century”

Sarah A. Goldsmith, University of York
“Embodying the Aristocrat: A History of the Eighteenth-Century Elite Male Body, 1730–1830”

Jason H. Pearl, Florida International University
“Aerial Prospects: Seeing from Above in Eighteenth-Century Britain”

Debapiya Sarkar, Rutgers University
“Possible Knowledge: Forms of Literary and Scientific Thought in Early Modern England”

Elizabeth B. Bearden, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“Monstrous Kindes: Body, Space, and Narrative in Early Modern Representations of Physical Disability”

Carlos Cańete, CSIC, Spain
“The Richard H. Popkin Papers at the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library: Modernity and the Discourse on the Origin of Mediterranean Peoples”

Sören C. Hammerschmidt, Arizona State University
“Modular Pope: Letters, Portraits, and Recycled Print”

Abigail K. Joseph, New York University
“Queer Things: Victorian Objects and the Fashioning of Homosexuality”

Andrei Pesic, Princeton University
“Religious Artworks in Motion: Motets in the Concert Hall, Altarpieces in the Salons from Paris to Saint-Domingue”

Rosalind M. Powell, Liverpool Hope University
“Analogy from Opticks to Romantics: Languages of Expression in Britain and France, 1689–1785”

Simon Reader, University of Toronto
“Oscar Wilde’s ‘Notebook on Philosophy’: A Critical Edition”

Debapriya Sarkar, Rutgers University
“Possible Knowledge: Forms of Literary and Scientific Thought in Early Modern England”

Matthew H. Sturgis, independent scholar
Research for a new full-scale biography of Oscar Wilde

Diana Bellonby, Vanderbilt University
“Epistemology of the Portrait: Magic-Portrait Fiction, British Aestheticism, and Modern Sexual Identity”

Madge Dresser, University of the West of England
“Women and the City”

Aaron Hanlon, Georgetown University
“Quixotism, Imperialism, and the Logic of Exception”

Mladen Kozul, University of Montana
“Enlightening Constructions: Legitimating the Critique of the Political and Religious Authority in the French Enlightenment”

Ben LaBreche, University of Mary Washington
“Liberty Agonistes: Milton and Modern Freedom”

Kristin Mahoney, Western Washington University
“Aesthetic Kinship and the Cosmopolitan Family”

Thomas McGeary, University of Illinois
“Opera and Cultural Politics in Britain, 1700–1742”

Vimala Pasupathi, Hofstra University
“Political Prose and the Civil Wars: Pamphlets and the Army post-1642”

Paul Scott, University of Kansas
“Surreptitious Subversions: Breaking Institutional Codes in Ancien Régime France”

Michael Ursell, University of California, Santa Cruz
“The Muses’ Anvil: Inspiration and Bookmaking in Renaissance Lyric Poetry”

Joseph Donohue, University of Massachusetts
“Critical Editions of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, Four-Act and Three-Act, and of Other, Fragmentary Plays for the Oxford Complete Works of Oscar Wilde

Emily Eells, Université de Paris Ouest-Nanterre-La Défense
“Wilde’s French”

Carmen Font Paz, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
“Seventeenth-Century Women’s Prophecy in England: Mapping Out and Contextualizing Its Background Texts in Print”

Amy Harris, Brigham Young University
“Kinship and Poverty in Early Modern Britain and British North America”

Stacey Jocoy, Texas Tech University
“John Playford and the Evolution of The Introduction of the Skill of Musick

Greta LaFleur, University of Hawaii at Manoa
“American Insides: Popular Narrative and the Historiography of Sexuality, 1674–1815”

Yu Liu, Niagara County Community College
“Harmonious Disagreement: Matteo Ricci and His Closest Chinese Friends”

Deaglán Ó Donghaile, University of Salford
“Oscar Wilde and the Radical Politics of the Fin de Siècle”

Colleen Rosenfeld, Pomona College
“Indecorous Thinking: Poetic Figures and the Production of Knowledge in Early Modern England”

Jennifer-Kate Barret, University of Texas at Austin
“The Poetics of Futurity in Renaissance England”

Andrew Boyle, Brasenose College, Oxford
“Samuel Daniel’s Collection of the History of England”

Ilias Chrissochoidis, U. S. Library of Congress
“Supporting Bibliographically the Handel Reference Database”

Ellen Crowell, Saint Louis University
“‘We are Odd’ Ye Sette of Odd Volumes and the Anti-Modernist Aesthetic”

Lois Cucullu, University of Minnesota
“Wilde, Sensational Adolescence, and Sexual Modernity from the Fin de Siècle Forward”

Dillard, Leigh, Georgia Institute of Technology
“Illustrated Editions: Depicting the Eighteenth-Century British Novel”

Elizabeth Eger, King’s College London
“A Critical Biography of Elizabeth Montagu”

Mark Fortier, University of Guelph
“Eighteenth-Century Equity”

Colleen Franklin, Laurentian and Nipissing Universities
“Few Books Can Compare with Them for Either Profit or Pleasure: A Study of the Eighteenth-Century Voyage Collections and Their Readers”

Andrey Makarov, Saratov State Polytechnical University
“The Concealed Social I Life: Family, Culture, and Religion in Glasgow and Coventry of 1500–1700”

Kathleen Nuzum, Western Washington University
“‘Natural’ and ‘Feeble’ Minds: Constructs of Mental Capacity, Social Order, and the Democratic Ideal from Classical Antiquity to the Postcolonial Present”

Suzie Park, Eastern Illinois University
“Compulsory Narration: Silence and Information, 1750–1850”

Rochelle Rives, BMCC/City University of New York
“The New Physiognomy: Modernism and Facial Form”

Thomas Roebuck, University of Oxford
“John Selden (1584–1654): Secular and Sacred Antiquarianism in Context”

Nicholas Seager, Keele University
“The Manuscript Remains of Daniel Defoe”

Samuel Shaw, Independent Scholar
“William Rothenstein: Identity, Influence, and the British Art World”

Deanna Smid, Redeemer University College
“Early Modern English Musical and Dramatic Therapy”

Andrew Wooley, University of Southampton
“Documenting Musical Life in Late Seventeenth-Century England: Manuscript Collections of Keyboard and Consort Music at the Clark Library”

Danielle Bobker, Concordia University
“Liminal Intimacies: Closets, Carriage, and the British Social Imagination, 1650–1770”

Benedicte Coste, City University School of Arts
“Walter Pater and Oscar Wilde: A Dialogue”

Darryl Domingo, University of Toronto
“Unbending the Mind: or, The Rhetoric of Diversion in English Literature and Culture, 1690-1760”

John Eglin, University of Montana
“Commercialized Gambling in England in the Long Eighteenth Century”

Humberto Garcia, Vanderbilt University
“Romanticism Re-Oriented: Indo-Muslim Travelers and English Literary Culture”

Rachael Hoff, University of California, Irvine
“The End of What We Are: Instituting Conscience in the Work of John Milton”

Claudia Kairoff, Wake Forest University
“The Works of Anne Finch, Countess of Winchilsea”

Jennifer Keith, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
“The Works of Anne Finch, Countess of Winchilsea”

Jennifer Locke, University of California, Irvine
“Novel Possibilities: Constructing Women’s Futures through Fiction, 1697–1799″

Mary McMurran, University of Western Ontario
“Paganism and Sacralization in the Eighteenth Century”

Linda Mitchell, San Jose State University
“A Cultural History of English Lexicography, 1600–1800: The Authoritative World”

Christina Parker, Emory University
“Artificial Generation: The Hybridization of Female and Form in Gautier, Villiers, Wilde”

Margaux Poueymirou, New York City College of Technology
“‘Beyond the Shadows of the Veil’: Harlem’s Decadent Renaissance and ‘Oscar Wilde’s Oscar Wilde’”

Felecia Ruff, Wagner College
“Wilde Props; or the Earnest Signifier”

Lisa Sarasohn, Oregon State University
“Vermin: A Cultural History of Early Modern England from the Outside In”

Julia Skelly, Queen’s University
“Addiction for Addiction’s Sake: Decadence, Aestheticism, and the Wilde Body”

Andrew Walkling, State University New York, Binghamton
“Instruments of Absolutism: Restoration Court Culture and the Epideictic Mode”

Natale Zappia, California State University, Northridge
“The Interior World: Trading and Raiding in Native California”

William Cohen, University of Maryland
“French Wilde”

Monika Gisler, University of Zurich
“Between Science and Theology: Naturalists’ Activity in Eighteenth-Century Switzerland”

Meredith Hale, independent scholar
“Print Cultures and Political Satires: Anglo-Dutch Exchange and the Birth of a Modern Genre”

Anne Helmreich, Case Western Reserve University
“The Carfax Gallery”

Andrea Lawson, independent scholar
“Free Gifts with Purchase: The Rewarding Chain of Aemilia Lanyer’s Salve Dedications”

Anca Parvulescu, Washington University
“Laughter: The History of a Passion”

Shannon Reed, Cornell University
“National Pedagogies and the Commonplace-Book”

Yishaiya Abosch, California State University, Fresno
“Hobbes’s Contribution to the Creation of a Public Sphere in Restoration England”

Siraj Ahmed, Mt. Holyoke College
“The Stillbirth of Capital: Enlightenment, Form, and Colonial India”

Cemile Akca Atac, Hacettepe University, Ankara
“Imperial Lessons from Antiquity: Ancient Historiography of Eighteenth-Century Britain”

Richard Bourke, University of London
“Reform and Revolution in Enlightenment Political Thought: Edmund Burke, Christian Garve, and Friedrich von Gentz”

Costica Bradatan, Texas Tech University
“‘To philosophize is to learn how to die’: Philosophy and Martyrdom in Early Modern England”

Ellen Crowell, St. Louis University
“Oscar Wilde’s Body”

Jowitt, Claire, Nottingham Trent University
“Piracy and the Ideology of Empire: The Case of John Ward”

Deaglán Ó Donghaile, National University of Ireland, Maynooth
“Oscar Wilde and the Radical Politics of the Fin de Siècle”

Catherine Parisian, independent scholar
“A Publication History of the Works of Frances Burney”

Jonathan Pritchard, independent scholar
“Self-Presentation in the ‘Letters of Mr. Alexander Pope, and Several of his Friends’ (1737)”

Michael Sauter, Centro de Investigacion y Docencia Economicas
“Race and Space: Geography, Physiology, and the Invention of Human Difference”

Phoebe Annette von Held, University of London
“Alienation and Theatricality: From Brecht to Diderot”

Howard Weinbrot, University of Wisconsin, Madison
“Jonathan Swift: Augustinian Theology and Swiftian Literature”

Siraj Ahmed, Mt. Holyoke College
“The Stillbirth of Capital: Enlightenment, Early British India, and Empire’s Origins”

David Patrick Alvarez, DePauw University
“Religious Toleration and the Periodical Essay”

Arthur Assis, University of Witten
“May One Learn How to Think Historically”

David Byrne, Santa Monica College
“British Natural Theology and Immaterialism, 1642–1710”

Mario Caricchio, Fisher University of Florence
“What Joseph Salmon Said: ‘The Divinity Anatomized’ and the ‘Ranter Moment’”

Chloe Chard, Newnham College
“Laughter and Imaginative Geography”

William Clark, independent scholar
“The Romance of the Scientist: A Modern Hagiography and Demonology”

Matthew D. Eddy, Durham University
“The Reordering of Things”

Stefano-Maria Evangelista, University of Oxford, Trinity
“Oscar Wilde’s Aesthetic Education” (part of “British Aestheticism and Ancient Greece”)

Natacha Fabbri, University of Florence
“Harmonia and Concordia in Seventeenth-Century England”

William G. Fisher, Lehman College, City University of New York
“Early Modern Erotic Orientation”

David Getsy, Harvard University
“Eric Gill, Inscription, and Actuality”

Karen Harvey, University of Sheffield
“Male Authority and the Household Economy, c. 1650–1850: A Social and Cultural History”

Ann Laura Hughes, Ann Laura, Keele University
“Preaching in Revolutionary London”

Nicholas Keene, Royal Holloway, University of London
“Publishing of the Word: Biblical Scholarship and Print Culture in Early Modern England”

Newton Key, Eastern Illinois University
“London Lords: Aristocratic Sociability in the Metropolis, 1620s–1760s”

Yu Liu, Niagara County Community College
“Horticultural Irregularity and Joseph Addison’s New Concept of Beauty”

Gregory Philip Mackie, University of British Columbia
“Oscar Wilde and Literary Forgery”

Shin Matsuzono, Waseda University
“The Peerage Bill (1719): With Special Reference to the Scottish Representative Peers”

John Paul Riquelmé, Boston University
“Oscar Wilde’s Aesthetic Politics: Origins of Modernism in 1890s Britain”

Daniel Rosenberg, University of Oregon
“The Trouble with Timelines: Progress, Apocalypse, and the Visual Representation of Time in the 17th- and 18th-Centuries”

Amy Scott-Douglass, Denison University
“Voices in the Quire: Handwritten Marginalia in Quaker and Puritan Books at the Clark Library”

Juliet Shields, Ohio State University
“British Sensibilities: Sympathy and Anglo-Relations, 1700—1830”

Christian Thorne, Williams College
“World Records: Epics, Novels, and the Missing Stories of Globalization”

Sophie Eliza Tomlinson, University of Auckland, 2008-09
“An English Baroque: Contiguities in the Writing of Dryden and Behn”

Mark Turner, King’s College London, University of London
“Oscar Wilde’s Collected Journalism: A Scholarly Edition”

Linda Gertner Zatlin, Morehouse College
“Aubrey Beardsley and His Circle”