Kanner Fellows in British Studies

Nathaniel Philip Likert, Grinnell College
Botany of the Mind: Character and Experience in Early Modern England

Lisa Ann Robertson, University of South Dakota
Religious Dissent and the Proliferation of British Romantic Science

Unita Ahdifard, University of California, Santa Barbara
“’The Wings of Inclination’: The Anglo-Persianate Realm in Women’s Travel Narratives and the Travelling Imaginary, 1750-1850″

Anhiti Patnaik, Birla Institute of Technology & Science
“Trials of Wilde and Manto: Witnessing Crime, Empire, and Censorship”

Morton Wan, Cornell University
Music and Money: Handel and the Networked Economies of Musical Life in the Eighteenth Century

Mackenzie B. Gregg, University of California, Riverside
“Plagues that Fascinate:” Leprosy, Sexuality, and Victorian Decadence”

Hannah Jeans, University of York
“Women, Letters and News Cultures in Seventeenth-Century England”

Elisabeth B. Gernerd, University of Edinburgh
“Tetes to Tails: Eighteenth-Century Underwear and Accessories”

Samuel C. Fullerton, University of California, Riverside
“’That Diabolical Contagion:’ The Pamphlet Wars and the British Revolution, 1647–1653″

Sean Thomas O’Neil, Columbia University
“Technicians of the Sign: The Practice of Semiotics in Early Modern Europe, 1550–1750”

Julia K. Callander, University of California, Los Angeles
“The Plagiarist, the Sodomite, and the Cannibal: Authorship and the History of Sexuality, 1740–1820”

Heather Marcovitch, Red Deer College
“Harland, D’Arcy, Beardsley: Authorship and Editorship at The Yellow Book

Bethany Cencer, State University of New York at Stony Brook
“Eighteenth-Century Masculinity and English Partsong Societies”

Diana Solomon, Simon Fraser University
“The Repetition of Comedy in Long-Eighteenth-Century British Theater”

Toni Bowers, University of Pennsylvania
“The Seduction of Scotland: Sexual Metaphors and the Union Debate, 1705–1707”

Brendan Gillis, Indiana University, Bloomington
“Conduits of Justice: Law, Local Government, and the State in Eighteenth-Century Britain”

John Collins, University of Virginia
“So That His Word Is a Law: Martial Law in English Dominions, 1550–1700”

Robert Iliffe, University of Sussex
“Priest of Nature: The Political Theology of Isaac Newton”

Sören Hammerschmidt, University of Edinburgh
“Augustan Heads and August Characters”

Renee Fox, Princeton University
“Necromantic Victorians: Reanimation, History, and Political Aesthetics”

Nedda Mehdizadeh, George Washington University
“East of Eden: Early Modern Fantasies of Persia”

Derya Gurses Tarbuck
“Nine Muses of Edinburgh in the Eighteenth Century: New Approaches to Enlightenment Sociabilities”

Amit Yahav-Brown, University of Haifa
“Moments; or Time and the Novel”