Predoctoral Fellows

Isabel Rose Bielat, University of Virginia
Romantic Nationalism and Transnational Celebrity in Nineteenth-Century British Political Culture

Evelyn Ann Boyden, Harvard University
Jacobean Political Thought and the Divine-Right Tradition in England

Carole Nataf, Courtauld Institute of Art
A Porcelain Encyclopedia (1779–1796): Migrations from Cayenne and the Ile de Bourbon to the ‘enlightened’ dinner table in the Sèvres ‘Service aux oiseaux Buffon’

Todd DeRose, The Ohio State University
“Testimony, Induction, and the Language of Nature”

Leland Jasperse, University of Chicago
“Insignificant Others: Fin-de-Siècle Celibate Politics and the Short Story Form”

Hannah Kaemmer, Harvard University
“Expertise and Empire: Fortification Building and the English Board of Ordnance, 1660–1714”

Dylan David Howell, University of Southern California
“The West in West Adams: A Documentary on the Clark Library’s Montana & West Collections”

Yiyun Huang, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
“The Chinese Origins of Medicinal Tea: Global Cultural Transfer and A Vast Early America”

Nikki Marie Roulo, University of North Carolina
“Changeling Humorists: The Speech Acts of the Early Modern English Fool”

Derek Michael Taylor, SUNY at Buffalo
“Ambassador, Agent, or Spy: The Life and Career of Papal Legate George Conn”

Michael Berlin, University of California, Irvine
“The Poetry of Origins: Odes, Recantation, and Literary History”

Brice W. Ezell, University of Texas at Austin
“‘Metaphysical Speculation’ and ‘The Facts of Life:’ Oscar Wilde as Analytic Precursor”

Benjamin L. Jackson, University of London, Queen Mary
“Furnishing Masculinity: Men’s Material Culture in Eighteenth-Century England”

Brandon W. Munda, The College of William and Mary
“The Spyglass and the Mirror: Competitive Intelligence and Trans-Imperial State Formation in the War of Spanish Succession”

Emily Nicole Sackett, University of Virginia
“Women Wanted: Gender, Race, and the Origins of American Plantation Societies, 1607–1720”

Belinda Scerri, The University of Melbourne
“The Ascendancy of the Ornemaniste and Patronage as Power Play in Early Eighteenth-Century Paris”

Simon Sun, Harvard University
“Thomas Jefferson’s Hau Kiou Choaan: China and Early America (1497–1784)”

Leslie Thulin, University of California, Los Angeles
Belinda, Medicine, and the Romantic Novel”

Kevin Windhauser, Columbia University
“Circulating Knowledges: Literature and the Idea of the Library in Renaissance England”

Katherine Calvin, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
“Antiquity and Empire: The Visual Culture of History in Western European Representations of the Ottoman Empire, 1680–1830”

Christopher Chan, University of Pennsylvania
“Lyric Communities and Communal Lyricisms in Eighteenth-Century British Poetry”

Matthew Gin, Harvard University
“Narrating the Ephemeral in the Eighteenth-Century French Festival Books”

Jared Jones, Ohio State University
“Winging It: Human Flight in the Literature of the Long Eighteenth Century, 1660–1830”

Alicia Meyer, University of Pennsylvania
“Mary Carleton: Rogue, Imposter, Text”

Shyam Patel, University of California, Irvine
“’Noble Moods’ and “Nutritive Functions”: Oscar Wilde, Aristotle, and the Politics of Eudaimonism”

Sarah Elizabeth Cook, Vanderbilt University
“Grounds for Reform: Coffee and the Construction of Difference in Nineteenth-Century Britain”

Sharon J. Harris, Fordham University
“Publics, Performances, and Publications: The Development from a Coterie to a Public Music Market in Mid-Seventeenth Century England”

Joseph William Morton, University of Manchester
“Reading the Landscape: Regionality in Los Angeles’ Library and Book Arts Community”

Jeremy Chow, University of California, Santa Barbara
“Shipwrecks and Natural Disasters: Risk and the Eighteenth-Century Maritime”

Christopher P. Gillett, Brown University
“Catholicism and the Making of Revolutionary Ideologies in the British Atlantic, 1630–1673”

Hyejin Lee, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Tout en I’air’: Visual and Material Representations of Air in Eighteenth-Century France”

Sarita Zaffini, University of Chicago
“God’s Lieutenant: Theological Representation in the Time of Thomas Hobbes”

Hyeyun Chin, Binghamton University, State University of New York
“City, Crown, and the Staging of Global Commerce: The Royal Exchange in Early Modern London”

Leigh-Michil E. George, University of California, Los Angeles
“Comical Consciousness: Caricature and the Novel, 1726–1837”

Marie Pantojan, Northwestern University
“Revolution and British Realism”

Alpen Razi, University of Toronto
“Narratives of Amelioration: The New World Slave Society in the British Didactic Imagination”

Lauren Griffin, University of California, Santa Barbara
“The Battle for Bede: Historia Sacra and Religious Identity in Early Modern England”

Leanna McLaughlin, University of California, Riverside
“‘The Rhet’rick of this Canker’d Age’: English Political Verse and Song, 1678–1689”

Kathryn Renton, University of California, Los Angeles
“‘A new method, and extraordinary invention, to dress horses, and work them according to nature’: Examining the Influence of Neapolitan Riding Masters on Cavalry Tactics and the Work of William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle”

David G. Smith, University of Virginia,
“Sacred Knowledge, Social Power: Ideas and Culture in Provincial New England, 1688–1760”

Joshua Swindzinski, Columbia University
“Dryden, Locke, and the Measures of Cognition”

Jordan Downs, University of California, Riverside
“Mobilizing the Metropolis: London and the First English Civil War”

R. Joseph Holt, University of California, Los Angeles
“The Global Anthropological Imagination in the British Enlightenment”

Peter Lawson, University of California, Los Angeles
“Ritual Revitalization and Pragmatic Reformation in Venice”

Ian Newman, University of California, Los Angeles
“Hannah More and the Aesthetics of Working-Class Conviviality”

Rachel Reeves, University of California, Davis
“Politeness and Power: Anglican Clergymen and the Authority of Manners, 1689–1750”

Spencer Jackson, University of California, Los Angeles
“The Lost Father and the Making of the British Novel”

Justin Reed, University of California, Riverside
“Political Discourse and Revolution in England, 1685–1689”

Timothy Daniels, University of California, Santa Barbara
“Parliament’s Navy: The English Fleet, 1642–1648”

Rebekah Elaine Sterling, University of California, Los Angeles
“Politics in Motion: Movement, Place, and the Political in Modern Political Thought”

Helen McManus, University of Calfornia, University of California, Los Angeles
“Exemplary Construction: The Image of the Abbey in William Morris’ Works”

Andrew Lloyd Poe, University of California, San Diego
“Moral Psychologies Revealed in the Discourse of Political Romanticism”

Isaac Stephens, University of California, Riverside
“In the Shadow of the Patriarch: Elizabeth Isham and Her World in Seventeenth-Century Northamptonshire”