Center & Clark Quarterly #3

Table of Contents:


Clark Collections

The Anatomy of a Pygmie, 1699–Arie Nair

Summer Music

Bruman Summer Music Festival–Ambroise Aubrun, D.M.A., Artistic Director

News from our Fellows

Paintings and Engravings are of Little Use to Me–Joseph Nicolello

Programs at the Clark

Marguerite Hicks Collection Collaboration–Emily Spunaugle

Box Tale Soup Artists Teach Students–Anna Chen & Ikumi Crocoll

Gulliver Visits the Clark–Jeanette LaVere

Core Program I–The Forgotten Canopy: Ecology, Ephemeral Architecture, and Imperialism in the Caribbean, South American, and Transatlantic Worlds Conference 1: Ecology; Discussing Ecology in the Gardens–Alba Menéndez Pereda and Rachel Schloss

Did You Miss the Karmiole Lecture?

Friends and Donors Special Thanks